36 hours in the life of a little boy who has to grow up too fast and too soon. Marc and his six year old brother, Daniel, live in a world of reversed parent-child roles. Their mother, Sylvia, is an alcoholic and unable to carry out any of her responsibilities. Their father, Michael, avoids dealing with the situation by spending as little time at home as possible. Marc tries to take on the functions of both parents in order to keep his family from completely unraveling.

Fortune Cookie Filmproduction state-Aided by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Jerome Foundation an New York Foundation for the Arts.

Cittadella Del Corto 2009, Italien
Jacksonville Filmfestival 2009, USA
Provincetown International Film Festival 2009, USA
Miami Short Film Festival 2009, USA
Woodstock Film Festival 2009, USA
SSG Summer Shorts Festival Los Angeles 2009, USA
Filmfestival Portobello 2009, England
Luciana Filmfestival 2009, Italien


Marc - Neal Thomas
Daniel - Noah Thomas
Sylvia - Janna Striebeck


Writer / Director - Joerg Fockele
Executive Producer - Ilona Schultz
Head of Production - Björn Eggert
Line Producer - Susanne Steube
D.O.P. - Alexander du Prel
Production Design - Iris Trescher
Make-Up Artist - Manuala Barnbeck
Costume-Design - Susann Günther
Editor - Sabine Hoffman
Sound - Torsten Lenk
Composer - Laurie Lewis, Robin Daniels