Swabian Black Humor Is Back In Time For Christmas

The final season of the comedy series Die Kirche bleibt im Dorf – filmed in Swabian patois – heats up and offers some black humor for the Christmas holiday season. The public broadcaster SWR is airing six new episodes as double features on 25 and 26 December as well as on 1 January, beginning at 9:45 PM.
One year has passed …
… since the last season ended. Circumstances in Upper and Lower Rieslingen are as convoluted as ever: The parsonage is brimming with Rossbauer and Häberle family members. Maria did in fact get married and is now unhappily wed to Heinz, who managed to wrangle half a castle from Gottfried Häberle during a boozy wedding-eve party. He is showing his true colors now: He bellows orders, shows bullying behavior and makes others do his work for him. Alas, nothing is as unifying as a common enemy. Both the Rossbauers and the Häberles agree that Heinz must go!
Ulrike Grote, director and screen writer, once again assembled the familiar ensemble for the final episodes of her series.