“Tadaah” is coming to movie theaters in June

At long last, the sequel to the Swabian saga “The church stays in the village” is now scheduled for release in movie theaters on 25 June 2015. In “Tadaah”, the perpetually feuding villagers from Upper and Lower Rieslingen leave the Swabian backwaters and head North to Hamburg. This is where they will take part in a band competition.
Their plan is to use the cash prize to repair the roof of the jointly used church, which had collapsed upon the flock during a church service. Indeed, even though they all diligently donated money to preserve their place of worship, the church’s coffers are verging on empty. Now they need some good advice! In this scenario, taking part in a contest doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Nevertheless, it takes a while to merge two church bands into one that can strike the right chords! And then there’s the long adventurous trip up North…
The cast of this Swabian road movie includes, among many others, Natalia Wörner, Karoline Eichhorn, Julia Nachtmann, Christian Pätzold, Ulrich Gebauer, Franziska Küpferle, Hans Löw, Rainer Piwek and Stephan Schad. Once again, Ulrike Grote wrote the screenplay and also directed the movie.
Täteretää will be released to movie theater audiences by Camino Filmverleih.