“The Last Will” – Broadcast starts in October

Ella would like to sell the ailing and underfunded “Villa September” retirement home, which she inherited from her aunt, immediately. However, a clause in the will thwarts the plan: only when none of the inhabitants live in the villa anymore, the magnificent property is allowed on the market. Unlucky for Ella. For none of the elderly and rather stubborn inhabitants wants to move out. The more determined Ellla works on the expulsion of the elderly, the more the resistance among the elderly is stirred up. And the staff doesn’t play along as well. Soon there are no limits to ingenuity on all sides in the struggle to walk or stay.
Those who enjoyed the intrigues of the villagers of “The church stays in the village” can look forward to the ensemble in new roles. Director Ulrike Grote, who has written all the books in the six-part series, is responsible for the black humour and the turbulent twists and turns.

Broadcast date: 2.Oct., 3.Oct. and 4.Oct. 2020 as a double episode, 8:15 p.m. on SWR television. From 25Th Sept. online in ARD Mediathek